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Have you ever Googled yourself ?

Every day, over one billion names are searched on Google. Like it or not, people are making judgments about you based on what they find online.
Digital Contact gives you the power to shape what people see.

What is a digital business card?

Digital business business cards are the combination of your personal domain name ( and your relevant personalor corporate content and contact information.
Digital Contact allows you to choose your personal domain name, while automatically connecting it to a hyper-shareable (you can easily share it by email, SMS, WhatsApp, QR code, etc.) personal page. Digital Contact’s personal pages bring together all your contact details, your best personal content and your social media profiles in one place. People don't have to manually enter your contact details into their phone or computer anymore, but can do so with one single tap or click.

Text, image, video ...

All your contents edited under our Digital Contact solution are optimized for mobile display.

Generator QR code

With our solution, the possibilities of using the QR code are therefore very vast for your communication .

Picture gallery

Modules are at your disposal to enable you to exploit in a professional way the images that you broadcast on your digital business card.

Contact form

Benefit from a more intelligent and personalized form to allow people to get in touch with you

Google map

Suggest to users to locate your business or event, and allow them to easily route their itinerary to the point of interest.

Social Networks

To allow you to update your digital business card from RSS feeds or those from social networks.

Professional design

You will have a wide choice of templates, which will be modern and original.


You can expand your business online with our e-commerce module.


Quickly build your digital tour card. You can update your profile at any time.

Your digital business card
Create a beautiful virtual business card in 5 min.

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Create your digital business card

Show the world your best, most authentic image with an outstanding digital business card.
Digital Contact brings together all your content social networks, photos, videos, contact information and more.


Choose your photos, present yourself or your company in a few lines and personalize the design of your business card.



Easily integrate links to your social networks, and stay contactable by email or phone with one click.


One click is enough to save your information in the directory of your contacts.

Manage your Portfolio

Present your portfolio to thousands of people in an organized manner in just a few clicks.

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Integration with payment systems


Share your business card via sms, what's app, email, QR code, social networks ..

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Create your digital business card with Digital contact.
Simple, fast, economical !


    • Edit text, images, videos ...
    • Hosting
    • Sub domain Digital Contact
    • Intuitive setup
    • Assistance
    • Indexing in the directory

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    • Editing content online
    • Hosting
    • Insertion of contents by our team
    • Custom Domain Name
    • Assistance
    • Enhanced Visibility in the Directory

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    • Editing content online
    • Hosting
    • Content creation by our team
    • Custom Domain Name
    • Assistance
    • Product Catalog
    • Enhanced Visibility in the Directory

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The interest of a digital business card is multiple:



Update your contact information without printing costs.

Instant Sharing

The people to whom you gave the address of your digital business card instantly have access to up-to-date contact information.

Developing its reputation

Add any links you consider important (your profiles on social networks Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, but also a link to your own site or a portfolio of your professional achievements)

Better press release

Generate a Qrcode that can be recognized by a smartphone to instantly access your digital business card.

Our solution is for you!

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Compatible with all devices

Your Digital Business Card adapts itself like magic to the screen that consults it, whatever its size!

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